Project objectives

Our core objective is to raise awareness around gender diversity; we want to enhance and strongly promote a change of culture and behaviour in youngsters when it comes time to choose their career path.

The project targets youngsters in transitional phases in their life.

We are looking to inform youngsters in transitional phases as well as key adults around the types, sources and effects of gender stereotyping and resulting segregation in the labour market.

Our other objectives are to encourage young people and key adults to get involved in an innovative manner to develop a different vision of professions, skills and opportunities in the labour market from a gender perspective. This will require recognising and overcoming stereotypes for both youngsters and adults.

What will the project do?

The project will contribute to the eradication of cultural roots and causes of persistent gender stereotyping and gender roles that hinder the effectiveness of equality between women and men in education, training and the labour market. The partners will pay particular attention to transitional phases (school/education to work; traineeship; apprenticeship and between temporary jobs). We expect to have a concrete and lasting change in behaviour and approach in our target groups at local, but also at the European level, thanks to our innovative methodology and approach.

Eradicating gender stereotyping in education, training and the labour market form the focus of the project

The project will promote to key-actors in training, education, vocational and career guidance and labour market system, a stronger awareness about the importance of recognising stereotypes as concrete obstacles to equal opportunities in employability.

Transitional phases are school or education to work; traineeships; apprenticeships and being between temporary jobs

This capability is not only concerning initial access to the labour market, but also many related factors, such as quality of work, career opportunities, training, pay, work/life balance, etc. Furthermore, the project aims to promote a proactive behaviour in these key-actors that may have a long term lasting impact and effectiveness to prevent, tackle and avoid the proliferation of gender stereotypes. We aim for a concrete and lasting change in behaviour and approach with regards to these key-players across the local, national and EU levels, thanks to the ease of use of the tools (the game and guidelines) and the potential of transferability across EU member states.

The game is a key product of the project

Finally, the key product, which is to introduce a useful, “easy to use” game that can help both key adults and youngsters involved in transitional phases. This game will be used in an informal context, where youngsters can feel free to express themselves using the playful, experiential and immersive approach. With a fun system, users are able to experience simulated situations safely, thus having way of experimenting and probing their personal potential. This specific methodology was chosen because through the rules of the game, what we find are actually steps towards a change in self-awareness and community-awareness with regards to gender issues.

Co-funded by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Union.

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