Itaca Social Cooperative has recently signed the “Charter of Pordenone”. The Charter is a memorandum of understanding on “media and gender representation”, sponsored by the Municipality of Pordenone, aiming to promote equal opportunities in the field of communication and information.

The Charter aims to raise awareness of the importance of responsible communication in order to effectively fight against gender stereotypes and safeguard the dignity of persons.

To date, over 40 parties have signed the Charter, including the Municipality of Pordenone, Voce Donna Association (Anti-violence Centre), Assostampa Fvg, CCIAA Pordenone, CGIL Pordenone, Cinemazero, the Equality Councillor of the Province of Pordenone, Region Fvg, the Consulta degli Studenti of the Province of Pordenone, the Association of Lawyers of Pordenone, the Association of Journalists of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Pordenone Province Department of Culture and the “Giuseppe Verdi” Municipal Theatre of Pordenone.

The Charter is in line with the aims of the FtC project on combating gender stereotypes. The memorandum strengthens ties with local actors to move forward in the right direction.


The Charter of Pordenone

Full article in La Gazzetta di Itaca