Las Palmas (Spain) –12 December 2018.The Free to Choose (FTC) dissemination event, organised by Opcionate represented an important project milestone.

Free to Choose presented the results of the research “Mind the Gap” (on gender gap in Europe) and “Coming Out” (Comparative analysis in 5 Countries on the gender stereotypes in education and labour market) in a public presentation hosted by the Instituto Canario de Igualdad.

The presentation of the research results was followed by a panel discussion in which 5 experts in gender issues debate on gender segregation and tools for overcoming it: Chiara Cristini, social researcher and project manager of IRES FVG (institute of social research of Friuli Venezia Giulia); Maria Angeli, researcher and project manager of the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies; Giuliana Ingellis, researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Sociology of the Universitat de Valencia; Cristina Miranda Santana, Professor at the Department of Education, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Sofía Valdivielso Gómez, Dr. Psychopedagogy and teacher in the degree of social education and in the Master in family and sociocommunitarian mediation at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

In the afternoon “Let’s Play”, the demo game session, was held to test the Free to Choose board game with youngsters from Gran Canaria, in collaboration with IDEO.

The actual testing phase will be held in three countries (Italy, Spain and Portugal) and involve 180 youngsters between January and February 2019. The final release and production of the table game is foreseen by May 2019. The game will be presented at the final conference in Cyprus in June 2019.