The Free to Choose game is a product of the project of the same name, whose main purpose is to increase awareness on gender diversity, improving and promoting a cultural and behavioral change. The target of the project is young people going through transitional phases. We want to encourage them to develop different ideas of the professions, skills and opportunities that are offered in the labor market by adopting a gender perspective, recognizing and overcoming the stereotypes and reducing the boundaries in choosing a profession.
For this purpose a board game has been created that can help both young people and the adults who support and guide them through the process.

Check out the game teaser in all project languages below!

Below you will find instructional videos for players and trainers. The videos are in English – if you would like to access the videos with subtitles in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Slovakian, please visit the respective partner websites.

FtC Game Testing

Game testing all over Italy with Cooperativa Sociale Itaca in 2019.

Game testing in 2018

To download the Game Rules booklet with instructions in English, Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Spanish and Portuguese, click here.

For the manuals in the respective languages, click below.

Co-funded by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Union.

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