Let’s play: testing Free to Choose game prototypes

How do we transform research results into game content? How do we make the game enjoyable and effective? This is our Free to Choose challenge that we're tackling over the next few months and so… we are working hard! The Italian partners met at the end of March 2018 at...

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Signing the Charter of Pordenone

Itaca Social Cooperative has recently signed the “Charter of Pordenone”, a memorandum of understanding on “media and gender representation”, sponsored by the Municipality of Pordenone,  which aims to promote equal opportunities in the field of communication and...

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FTC partners meeting in Porto, 8-9 March 2018

The third transnational project meeting  took place in Porto on over the 8th and 9th of March. Mid-way through the  project life cycle, the partners were able to analyse the work done so far and agree on the delivery of the next key project outputs. As a team...

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European Union 

Co-funded by the European Union