Overcoming gender stereotypes (IT)

"Free to choose" in Spain: overcoming gender stereotypes that affect girls and boys in choosing their education and career path. Valencia (SPAIN): A full day was organised by the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Valencia, with the participation of all ten...

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Introducing Free to Choose

The Itaca General Assembly is organised once a year and represents a unique event to gather the majority of our members (1.167 persons at 31.12.2016) and inform them on the state of art of our activities. The 2017 edition was particularly important since we also...

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Free to Choose (FtC)

The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS)  is a partner to the project entitled: “Free to Choose“. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness on gender diversity, enhancing and strongly promote change of culture and behaviour in youngster...

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European Union 

Co-funded by the European Union