Gender segregation in education and employment in Cyprus report

The aim of the Free to Choose project is to identify attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate gender stereotypes and influence gender segregation in education and employment in five EU countries: Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Slovenia.

The report focuses on the research results in Cyprus, and also provides background information regarding the status of gender equality in the country.

The interviews with young people show that when talking about their future, young women were more concerned than their male counterparts with work-life balance. Some male interviewees suggested that nothing would change when they had a family, whereas females focused on the multiple roles they would have to play at the age of forty.

Although gender stereotypes seemed to be dominant among the young interviewees, teachers were inconsistent and sometimes contradictory in their observations about the role of gender stereotypes in students’ academic and career choices. There was an across-the-board recognition of the persistence of gender stereotypes and a resulting gender segregation.

Co-funded by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme of the European Union.

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